Beta Magazine


Beta Magazine is an online climbing and outdoors magazine aimed at women but inclusive of all. Our vision is to encourage conversation and thinking around themes in climbing and the outdoors. We want to learn from what our contributors have to say, the stories and experiences they have to share. We aim to do this through diverse, colourful and engaging content; whether that be through articles, stories, poetry, photography, illustration, digital and graphic design.

Who are we? 

Co-Founders and Co-Editors Annie Martin and Emily Ankers are both rock climbers, one from the South of England, one from the North. 

Annie is a film maker and co-founder of the Bouldering DabRats platform. Her work aims to normalise the presence of women and under-represented groups in the media by being seen and heard, whether laughing, crying or power screaming!

Emily is a researcher specialising in ‘everyday’ women’s experiences of rock climbing. This research has informed the need for greater visibility, more diverse and accurate representations of women in the climbing and outdoor world.

Our design is led by Catherine Evans. Catherine is the founder of Lacuna Creative Design and the designer of Beta. Catherine has been designing professionally for 5 years, working for various companies before starting up her own design agency.

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***Important Information***

- Beta is a digital magazine and orders are fulfilled online, your chosen Issue/s will be delivered as an online pdf, sent to the email address that you used when purchasing. 

- We cannot offer refunds. 

- Please ensure that you have sufficient space/data allowance to download Beta. 

- There is a limit on the amount of times you can use the download link. We would suggest that it is easiest to download Beta on a computer as it is easiest to access your download files to re-open Beta from your own device, should you need to. We would recommend not re-opening Beta via the download link multiple times if possible as it easy to accidentally reach the download limit. 

- All views expressed by Contributors are their own.