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Beta Issue No. 7

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Issue No. 7 : PROGRESS

***Coming Soon***

Welcome to Issue No. 7 of Beta Magazine! The theme of this Issue is Progress. What does progress mean to you? How do you define progress? Is it grade pushing,
overcoming challenges of the mind, is it progress within the industry, new research
that will help us to become more inclusive? What does progress mean for women in
particular, is it about exercising increased agency and freedom - but what does that
mean when we look back at how women have been represented and treated in the


3-4: In Conversation with Carlos Casas
4: What do you wish you had known when you started climbing? By Team Beta
5: The Importance of Being Allowed to Panic by Eve Stripp
6: Climbing Requires Grit by Tasmin Lofthouse
7 - 8: Projecting Progress by JoJo Lewis
8 - 9: Comparison Thoughts by Linda Katkevica
10: Researching South Asian People’s Experiences of Natural Green Space
by Hamza Mohammed
11: Ben Hope by Lucy Wood
12 - 14: The Shock of the Archive by Dr Carol Osborne and Emily Ankers
15: Women’s Rock Workshops and International Women’s Day 2022
16: Contributors Page

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