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Beta Issue No. 6

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Welcome to Issue No. 6 of Beta Magazine!

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Contents of this Issue:

3: When Climbing is Climbing by Ana Bekenn
4: One Step At A Time by Fran Giacomozzi Review by Faye Hine
4 - 5: The 'Are You Even Experienced?' Experience by Poppy Walters
6 - 7: On Our Way To Rock Inclusion by Lena Frank
8 - 10: In Conversation with the Climbing Nomads by Nick Archer
11: Women’s Route Setting Workshop at Boulder Hut
12: Four Miles High Review by Emily Davis
13 - 14: Women’s Trad Festival by Theodora van Duin and María Eugenia
Celorrio Ramírez
15 - 16: One Foot in Front of the Other by Ellen Williams
16 - 17: The Swamp by Courtney Warren
18: Bouldering, Beginners and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by Rebecca McIntyre
19: Throwing Shapes: a reflection on climbing as a form of dance by Olivia Morris
20: Chatting with Siddrah, Founder of ClimbMuz
21 - 22: Trad Diaries: Learning to Lead by Emily Ankers
23: Spotlight, Lacuna Design, Want to Contribute?
24: Beta Magazine x Nerd That Draws Merch
24 - 25: Contributors

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