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Beta Issue No. 4

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Welcome to Issue No. 4 of Beta Magazine! We hope you enjoy reading this one as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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This Issue's Contents:

1: by Emily Nicholl and Rosa Thorlby
2 - 4: P, me and the Wanderers by Pauline Taylor and Emily Ankers
5 - 6: Learning to Fall by JoJo Lewis
7 - 9: My Mountain Climbing Addiction by Steph Miller
10 - 11: No Games, Just Sport by Pete Edwards
12 - 14: Brilliance Breakthrough by Anastasija Strizakova
15 - 18: Another Migraine Monday... by Catherine Muckle
19 - 20: Perspective of an Outsider by Emma Flint
21 - 22: Review: A Feeling For Rock by Sarah-Jane Dobner
23 - 24: Climbing Needs to be More Accessible: What’s Our Next Move? By Christine Candeland
25 - 26: In Conversation with Martin Tallant
27 - 28: Sickbed to Summits by Sara Crosland
29 - 32: Boulder Prints by Sim Warren
33 - 35: ASK A COACH: How do I get rid of my imposter syndrome? By Lea Volpe
35: Your movement matters
36: Spotlight

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Team Beta
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