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Beta Issue No. 1

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Welcome to the very first issue of Beta Magazine.
A climbing magazine for women! We're about being all inclusive, all friendly, listening and sharing and learning a little on the way. This issue contains musings on grade chasing, what makes a 'real' climber, how to climb your best, an interview with a new organisation promoting inclusivity in climbing, and some rad film recommendations!

If you would like to see a preview of what's in the first issue, go check out our Instagram page @betamagazineclub for some sneak peeks!

Unfortunately, due to website restrictions, we're having to sell Beta for £1 (or more if you're feeling generous) but please get in touch with us at if you would like a free copy. We don't want anyone to be left out of this club!

Thank you SO much to our contributors and everyone who has helped make this first issue a reality. We can't wait to share more amazing stories, photos, and works of art that celebrate our diverse and amazing sport.